Thursday, May 9, 2013


whew, what a crazy couple of months its been! they weren't wrong when they said doing a masters was hard. and i've been doing six subjects instead of the recommended four. am i crazy? i'm not far off after that crazy semester! of course, it isn't over yet. the next three weeks are devoted to prac (whoop!) + i have two more assignments. but still, the end of semester is in sight!

the last couple of months, whilst difficult, have been kind of amazing too. So, i've compiled a list of the best things i've experienced this semester.

1. friends. where would i be without my friends? we've supported each other, laughed together + exchanged stories of weekends spent doing assignments + complaining about the early starts (5am? really?). i feel very lucky to know such great people.

2. prac. finally, i'm getting into the classroom + i've loved every minute so far. i am so meant to be a teacher. and i am SO close to achieving my goal! ah, victory!

3. graduation. my friends + i finished our previous degree + we are officially now postgraduates. we feel very grown-up.

life is pretty sweet right now.


claudia owl

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