Sunday, January 27, 2013

summer, i hate you; winter, i love you.

i was born in the (southern hemisphere) middle of summer + so i used to reckon that was why i loved summer so much. summer held so much promise, trips to the beach, splices + gaytimes + wearing dresses. but that was until mother nature decided to pitch a fit + throw crazy temperatures at us all.

it is true that i live in the "sunburnt country" but this has been taken to a whole new level in recent weeks. friday week ago, sydney recorded its highest ever temperature - a smouldering, scalding, scorching 45.6 degrees celsius. they even had to add new temperature colours to the heat map because the current ones just weren't hot enough.

basically, i now appreciate winter + its rugged-uppedness, its tundra landscapes + the opportunity to enjoy being human without wishing you have no skin because its just that darn hot. i think its safe to say that winter is my new favourite season.


claudia owl

Thursday, January 24, 2013

whiling away the hours.

i am on holidays at the moment + trying to enjoy every minute because next month i start my masters. the massive onslaught that this will be means that i won't just be able to sit + read a book all day. hence, i am making the most of these carefree hours.

for the first time ever i am reading a neil gaiman novel. i have previously studied + read two of his other books (wolves in the walls + coraline) which were good but do not compare to the one i am reading now - stardust.

the movie adaptation is one of my most favourite films, mainly because of claire danes being her usual amazing, beautiful self.

i only started the book the other night + already i've nearly finished. it is such a wonderful confection of imagination + colourful worlds, strung in a narrative like an arrangement of whimsical beads. i shall post a full review when i have (unfortunately) finished reading it.


claudia owl

expanding my cooking repertoire.

moving out of home forced me to cook properly for myself for the first time in my life. there haven't been many hardships + i have found myself to be quite a baker. having quite a sweet tooth has veered me into the direction of the sweeter side of cooking which has often made me wish that delectable cakes + sugary biscuits were appropriate for dinner-time. but alas, they are not.

so, whilst i can whip up a red velvet cake + put fine detail into neenish tarts, cooking meals somewhat baulks me at times + i turn away from any kind of culinary wizardry + experimentation in the kitchen. in light of this, i am aiming to learn how to make some new meals that require starting from scratch + not using a recipe base/packet mix.

maybe someday i can make something like this...!

...but until then, i'll settle for mastering this.


claudia owl

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

exciting new additions.

i caught up with the lovely miss l today + she has bestowed upon me two new books! i have been aware for a while that she bought them for me, but i received them today + there is nothing i love more than being given books!

i saw the movie adaptation of the perks of being a wallflower + i loved it. the acting alone was spectacular - emma watson can do no wrong in my opinion - + i have wanted to read the book for a long time. 
miss l gave me cloud atlas because she purchased a copy for herself + decided we should read it at the same time, book-club style. due to our mutual introversion we think our book club is the best book club because there aren't too many people involved! and so, let the reading begin.


claudia owl

2013: year of the book

a couple of months ago, my friend miss l inspired me to read as many books as possible in one year - i believe she managed 50!

i have always been an avid reader, and i can't remember a time when i didn't read. books have been my solace, my friends + have made me the person i am today. i cannot spend enough hours reading them, and the remaining hours i spend talking about them + searching for more. as a side note, i highly recommend you visit here if you are a die-hard bookworm such as i. but i digress.

so, in the spirit of my friend miss l, i am going to attempt to read 50 (or more) books this year, and keeping track of  my progress  here with reviews + thoughts i have about my choices.

lastly, i have spent a few years here + there trying to start a blog, yet with no follow-through. let's see if i change that this year.


claudia owl