Thursday, January 24, 2013

whiling away the hours.

i am on holidays at the moment + trying to enjoy every minute because next month i start my masters. the massive onslaught that this will be means that i won't just be able to sit + read a book all day. hence, i am making the most of these carefree hours.

for the first time ever i am reading a neil gaiman novel. i have previously studied + read two of his other books (wolves in the walls + coraline) which were good but do not compare to the one i am reading now - stardust.

the movie adaptation is one of my most favourite films, mainly because of claire danes being her usual amazing, beautiful self.

i only started the book the other night + already i've nearly finished. it is such a wonderful confection of imagination + colourful worlds, strung in a narrative like an arrangement of whimsical beads. i shall post a full review when i have (unfortunately) finished reading it.


claudia owl

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