Thursday, January 24, 2013

expanding my cooking repertoire.

moving out of home forced me to cook properly for myself for the first time in my life. there haven't been many hardships + i have found myself to be quite a baker. having quite a sweet tooth has veered me into the direction of the sweeter side of cooking which has often made me wish that delectable cakes + sugary biscuits were appropriate for dinner-time. but alas, they are not.

so, whilst i can whip up a red velvet cake + put fine detail into neenish tarts, cooking meals somewhat baulks me at times + i turn away from any kind of culinary wizardry + experimentation in the kitchen. in light of this, i am aiming to learn how to make some new meals that require starting from scratch + not using a recipe base/packet mix.

maybe someday i can make something like this...!

...but until then, i'll settle for mastering this.


claudia owl

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