Sunday, January 27, 2013

summer, i hate you; winter, i love you.

i was born in the (southern hemisphere) middle of summer + so i used to reckon that was why i loved summer so much. summer held so much promise, trips to the beach, splices + gaytimes + wearing dresses. but that was until mother nature decided to pitch a fit + throw crazy temperatures at us all.

it is true that i live in the "sunburnt country" but this has been taken to a whole new level in recent weeks. friday week ago, sydney recorded its highest ever temperature - a smouldering, scalding, scorching 45.6 degrees celsius. they even had to add new temperature colours to the heat map because the current ones just weren't hot enough.

basically, i now appreciate winter + its rugged-uppedness, its tundra landscapes + the opportunity to enjoy being human without wishing you have no skin because its just that darn hot. i think its safe to say that winter is my new favourite season.


claudia owl

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